The Prince's Trust Service Design Strategy

Journey Mapping Workshop

My Role:

Workshop facilitator, stakeholder interviews, journey mapping, service designer

The Prince’s Trust, a non-profit organisation, supports young people in the UK to find jobs, enter education, and start businesses regardless of their backgrounds. They work extensively with young offenders, people in care, and those disabilities create a better future.

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Prince's Trust has been helping young people in the UK since 1976. As part of Somo's CSR work, I was asked to run a half day strategy journey mapping workshop to help them better unify their offline and online services from a young person’s perspective.  

Stakeholder Needs

Prince's Trust HQ:

The Trust ran various programmes and streams that young people could join. Althought all under the umbrella of the Princes' Trust, some services were only offered in certain locations. The communication between front line staff and HQ initiatives was poor.

Extra funding was given to develop a digital/innovation function within the trust, with the aim of unifying the service offering to be more young person centric. This included online learning modules and updates to their website. 

Service Users:

To the young person, the Prince's Trust is viewed as one single entity. Many felt frustrated as they were sent from department to department. 

Waiting to be placed into a stream / service proved to be frustrating to young people as they did not know what happened next in the process and how long to wait.

The Workshop:

After inital stakeholder interviews, a workshop was run to co-create journey maps for a specific Prince's Trust Persona: Sharell.
Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.44.31 pm

Workshop Highlights

  • Front line as well as executive level staff from offices across the UK attended.
  • Prince’s Trust already have existing personas and targets groups, as the stakeholders only had one morning, we chose one persona to run through
  • An empathy map was used to align participants’ frames of mind
  • Although some participants who came where at first sceptical about the usefulness, all of them agreed that the workshop was useful after the 4 hours
Princes Trust

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